Metal roofing

Dongyang Industrial Machines specializes in “Metal roofing tile making machine’ and we take the lead in the industry with our excellent reputation.
The long experience in the roof tile business enables it to provide total business solutions for our customer’s success.

Production of metal roof tiles and finished products that can be constructed without additional processes with pre-painted steel coils with various colors and textures.

Production of blank roofing roofing sheet to produce stone coated metal roof tile through additional stone coating process

Roof tile forming machine

Steel roof tile forming machine, the one of main item of Dongyang Industrial Machines, has been recognized with its technology and quality by our customers' in all over the world.
The Steel roof tile forming machine provides the high quality of roof tile products from one step (shingle type) to multiple step by continuing forming system.
The steel roof tiles manufactured by Roof tile forming machine, can make the customers fully satisfied with the elegant curved design and distinguished strength

Furthermore, Dongyang Industrial Machines designs customized machines to produce any type of roof tile profiles by customers specific requirement.

  • Using 3D cutting system and producing from one to multiple step of roof tiles
  • Consists of wide range of roll formers with roll forming and stamping together
  • Durable machine with very low maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate

Fully automated roof tile press machine

Dongyang Industrial Machine offer most efficient,
stable and high quality of roof tile machine based on our extensive experience in metal roof tile and manufacturing technologies.

Fully automated roof tile press machine essentially consists of automated processes with less human interference.
The long experience in the filed enables it to pioneer innovative technical solutions that are of high quality for the production of Metal Roof Tiles produced by Fully automated roof tile press machine.
You can produce various type of metal roof tiles to meet specific market requirement with Fully automated roof tile press machine and it will bring customer’s satisfaction

  • Changeable & Modular type mold system: Produce various roof tile designs
  • Efficient investment: Space utilization and initial investment
  • Low operation & maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate: Fully automated production line including auto counting & auto stacking