Taking your rollforming projects
from design to fabrication

Production of consistently accurate rollformed parts begins with expert engineering and design assistance.
All of our tooling is designed in-house using the latest CAD technology and manufactured by skilled craftsmen to meet our exacting specifications.
Our engineering team will review your requirements and develop a production schedule that meets your needs.
Through timely planning, we can optimize production methods and eliminate false starts to save you time and money.

Cut to length & Slitting Machine

The Cut to length & Slitting machine by Dongyang Industrial Machines is a machine which can slit and cut the steel sheet to the required size easily adjusted by the operator.

It is easy to use and economical machine for slitting and cutting of thin steel sheet based on specific requirement

Rain water pipe and elbow machine

Downspout forming machine by Dongyang Industrial Machines is made by perfect role design with high durability, and the joints are completely stabilized during the manufacturing processes.

It has the advantage to form the folds at the joints right after cutting.

Ridge cap machine

Steel siding forming machine

HEM Pre-tensioning machine

Hem pre-tensioning machine allows uniform closing of a hem flange along the entire length of the product.

Other machine

Proposal of various type of customized machines requested by specific customers' requirement