CNC Metal folder

CNC Metal Folder by Dongyang Industrial Machines, enable fully automatic bending in two directions without turning around: fully automatically, efficiently, fast and high precision by TWO-DIRECTION BENDING TECHNOLOGY.

The existing manual type of bending machine can bend the metal sheet by intricate rotation and turning works depending on the profile requirements.
And, it requires involvement by several operators depending on the profile length, material type and weight of the metal sheet.

Automatic controlled GRIPPER SYSETM enable simple and guarantees a precise positioning of the metal sheet parts even at a high operating speed.
The intuitive control system enables easy & intuitive operation. Users can create new profiles or manage stored profiles easily.
The defined bending sequence is automatically simulated using the bending-sequence calculations and untrained users can create profiles themselves in a short amount of time and verify the bending sequence in advance.

CNC Metal folder drive your business to the next generation.

Fully automatic bending in two directions without turning around

Easy and
fast design

Powerful and
precise bending

Easy and
simple operation

Save your cost and
improve efficiency