Cladding and Facade

Dongyang Industrial Machines provide machine solutions for a variety of cladding products including profiles, panels and facade for exterior building materials. All machines and solutuions are designed and produced by customized requirement according to customer's specific needs.

Produce custoimzed profiles of Cladding and facade profiles for exterior building materials

Standing seam forming machine

Dongyang Industrial Machines provide Standing seam forming machine to produce Standing seam panel used on the wall and roof of a building.
It can be installed in various anlge, and it enable to make elegant appearances.

  • Easy to install and reduce working hours
  • Solid connection of standing seam

Purlin forming machine

Purlin forming machines by Dongyang Industrial Machines are based on the most reliable roll forming and sheet-working technologies and customers can produce various specifications of profiles to meet their specific requirement.

  • Offers a wide range of profiles
  • Enable punching and cutting by automatic control
  • Allow high flexibility and accuracy in production.

Panel forming machine

Panel Forming Machine by Dongyang Industrial Machines have consistently supported manufacturers of roll formed panels bring qualified panels to market.
Dongyang Industrial Machines has the complete formed panel solutions for outer wall and roof of buildings, and we have the capability to supply customized solutions for customer’s specific requirement.

  • Design customized solutions
  • Enhance product value combined with PE-Foam laminating machine